The Hungarian Health Care

The Role of the CEU Medical Center in the Hungarian Health Service

The primary medical examination, treatment, further referral, and gradually the reimbursement procedures are undertaken by the CEU Medical Center for students with the CEU Health Insurance Plan. The patient’s path in the health care system is determined by doctors at the CEU Medical Center. The further referrals and the received treatments may be paid by the student and the patient could claim reimbursement from the CEU Medical Center afterward. For more information on Reimbursement click here.

If a student has a medical problem, the patient should turn to the CEU Medical Center first, where his or her examination and treatment would begin. If the doctor judges that there is a need for further examination or treatment based on the patient’s current health condition, the doctor at the Medical Center may refer the patient for the necessary examinations (laboratory, X-ray, etc.) or to the selected specialist units (dermatology, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology or general surgery).

The CEU Medical Center guarantees that patients will be referred for further treatment and examinations to professional external providers. This is the point where the CEU Medical Center connects to the Hungarian state health care system.