Philanthropy Week

Building Tomorrow: Positive Change through Philanthropy

Philanthropy – the power of giving back – built this university into a vibrant learning community and is the key to sustaining its future.

Every year CEU celebrates that power during annual Philanthropy Week, in the fall term. Join as we explore the possibilities philanthropy is unlocking in higher education, celebrate what we’ve been given, and spotlight how we can all make a positive contribution and build a better tomorrow. On campus, at events around the world and online, Philanthropy Week is when CEU’s global community comes together to make positive change happen, through acts of generosity great and small.

Learn More & Get Involved:

There are many ways to celebrate giving, learn more, and help build a better tomorrow, through fun, empowering events in Budapest and around the world (see events, left).

Get Social:

  1. Take to social media to share your CEU story – how the university helped you or impacted the work you do – and #ThankYouCEU. Or, share pics from your student days with #CEUthrowback.
  2. Crosspost and hashtag the above, plus #CEUPhilanthropyWeek on your account as well as CEU Alumni & Friends Facebook

Give Back: 

CEU needs your support more than ever to keep educating future leaders dedicated to free inquiry and open society. Make your gift to the alumni campaign today. Afterwards, inspire your classmates on social with #IGave2CEU.
See left and below for the latest events and news, and help take action to create positive change through philanthropy. 
See left and below for the latest events and news, and help take action to create positive change through philanthropy. 


CEU Founder and Honorary Chairman George Soros has announced a €1 million donation to fight against coronavirus in Hungary’s capital.

George Soros has announced a new university network, with CEU as a founding partner, to better prepare students for current and future global challenges. He is endowing the network with one billion dollars ($1 billion) and asking other philanthropists to contribute.

The lives—and crimes—of women active in Hungary’s Arrow Cross Party are brought to light in a new book by Andrea Peto.

Promises made by wealthy countries to phase out coal power are too weak to slow climate change, according to a new paper by CEU researchers.

Colleagues, friends and former students have raised $35,000 for a fellowship honoring the medievalist Janos Bak.

People make decisions that benefit shared outcomes when completing simple tasks with another person, according to new research.

CEU professor and political philosopher Andres Moles puts forward a new way of thinking about equality.

A new study by CEU researchers shows that most people—even if they aren’t pickpockets—can identify objects just by touching them.

Four CEU students won prizes for their research at the National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations in Budapest.

A new paper co-authored by members of CEU’s Department of Network and Data Science suggests corruption is embedded in local social norms.

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