Philanthropy Week

Philanthropy built CEU. From its founding endowment to the generous support of friends and alumni around the world, philanthropy is the fuel this university runs on. This autumn we’re launching Philanthropy Week, to celebrate what we have been given—and to demonstrate the power of giving back. Join us at events in Budapest, worldwide and online. See the events at the left to get involved and join in the generosity that enables CEU to carry on its important work.


  • Scholarships funded by alumni and individual and foundation donors help promising students receive a world-class CEU education
  • The Mirabaud Media Lab was equipped by a trustee to give students the power to share work through filmmaking
  • Research commissioned by Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) Hungary explored youth employment in Hungary
  • Private funding for the Applied Policy Project connects students with clients like Health Poverty Action, EBRD, and International Crisis Group. 
  • The Blinken Open Society Archives is named for the donors to the valuable collections related to the Cold War and human rights. 
  • The Romani Studies Program, which encompasses CEU’s work to enhance education, research, and professional opportunities for Roma, was launched with support from a consortium of funders. 
  • Google is funding the Center for Media, Data and Society’s Media Ownership Tool, which tracks media ownership in Hungary according to political ties, ideology and interest groups. 
  • The U.S. Department of State supports a Holbrooke Fellow at the Shattuck Center on Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery.


Zsuzsanna Jaszberenyi, director of Admissions at CEU, started her campaign for homeless people in 2009, when Budapest shelters ran out of funds and couldn’t provide food for the homeless. “Families were encouraged to cook for people in need. After doing so for a while at home, I shared the call with the CEU community, and we repeat the drive every year,” Jaszberenyi says.

CEU is launching Philanthropy Week, to celebrate what we’ve been given and to raise awareness of the importance of giving back. There will be plenty of ways to get involved, in Budapest, worldwide and online during the week of November 27 to December 1, including:



The CEU Board of Trustees were treated to a special screening of documentary films by CEU students on June 24. The "Best of the Mirabaud Media Lab" event was a highlight in an intense weekend and an opportunity to engage directly with students and a new initiative at CEU.  

Three CEU programs have been awarded the prestigious status of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD). The European Union’s Erasmus Mundus program aims to make studying in Europe more attractive for students from around the world by supporting outstanding joint programs in areas where Europe excels.

Key seminar space in CEU's new Nador 15 building is now known as the Nimetz Classroom, honoring CEU Trustee Matthew Nimetz's generous support of the University as a center of debate and discussion. Nimetz met with CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff and Provost Liviu Matei February 16 in the new classroom, then participated in a class taught there by Assistant Professor Roberta Sinatra of CEU's Center for Network Science, home to Europe's first doctoral program in this cutting-edge field.

The CEU Library is a second home to many students and has long been considered one of the best in Hungary, as well as a vital asset to scholars throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Now, with the first phase of CEU’s campus renewal completed, the new CEU Library has a prominent and expanded presence on campus, occupying five floors of the new Nador 15 building.

Nearly 200 members of the CEU community – students and alumni, faculty and staff – came together this month to learn just how sweet fundraising for good causes can be.

As part of CEU's fourth annual Philanthropy Day, on Friday, November 11, the community raised more than 180,000 HUF in support of student scholarships and refugee assistance.

In its new building at Nador utca 15 on October 21, CEU dedicated the Quantum Board Room, named for the Quantum Fund, founded by George Soros, the success of which made the University possible. The Quantum Board Room was supported by the Foglia family, including Antonio Foglia, a London-based economist and hedge fund manager who is also a member of the CEU Board of Trustees, and his father, Alberto Foglia, who served as chairman of the Quantum Fund from 1987-2003.

CEU’s international student body represents 107 countries across five continents. Such diversity is integral to the University’s mission to foster democracy and open society throughout the world. To ensure that all students, especially those from developing countries or regions in turmoil, have equitable access to a world-class graduate education, CEU has developed a robust scholarship program, with around 85% of students receiving financial assistance.

CEU's Open Society Archives (OSA) was renamed the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at a Nov. 3 dedication event in honor of the couple, who have provided a major bequest to sustain the institution. Their gift will create a permanent endowed fund, which will allow the Archives to expand its critical work in preserving one of the world's most valuable archival collections related to the Cold War, human rights movements and grave international human rights violations.