ARTS: Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability

January, 2016 to December, 2016
EU FP7 - Collaborative Project

ARTS is an integrated, inter- and trans-disciplinary project with a clear methodology of examining how a diverse set of transition initiatives can be coupled and rescaled in order to speed-up their delivery and impact on multiple low-carbon domains in 5 case study regions across Europe: Brighton in UK, Budapest in Hungary, Dresden in Germany, Flanders in Belgium and Stockholm in Sweden. Each region has citizen bloggers who provide regular blog posts about sustainability initiatives in their city. The developed acceleration governance approach and modelling platform aim at improving decision making and cost efficiency of policy response, supporting social learning and in turn, at speeding-up the implementation of the EU’s Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Strategies. CEU has been leading the case study in Budapest since early 2016 and works with over a dozen transition initiatives. Lessons from Budapest-based transition initiatives have been captured in a workshop report, while their aspirations expressed through their visions of a Dream Budapest.

The Dream Budapest (Alombudapest) videos can be accessed here: