Civil Society in Southeast Europe (Blue Bird)

January, 2001 to January, 2004
Center for Policy Studies

The "Agenda for Civil Society in Southeast Europe" was a three-year long research project, surrealistically nicknamed Blue Bird, started with the assumption that the invention of the region requires the construction of a common regional vision and the emergence of a regional public debate. The Blue Bird was an attempt to formulate such a vision and to assist the emergence of civic regional debate in Southeast Europe. The project’s primary ambition was to reflect on the reconstruction of Southeast Europe, both as an intellectual challenge and a policy challenge. The current debate has never addressed the production of knowledge and innovative ideas about the region as a distinctive problem. The international community fails to recognize the lack of local knowledge as a specific and powerful obstacle for the region’s development. This is one of the reasons why the academic community and the intellectual community in general remained marginal in the initial stages of debate about what to do in the Balkans.