Comparative and Interdisciplinary Approaches on Reproductive Cloning and Stem Cell Research

December, 2005 to July, 2007

CELAB has started this research project in 2005/2006 AY and continued during 2006/2007 AY. In March 2007 CELAB organized a workshop on this topic (see CELAB events). Research objectives were to analyze the dominant ethical arguments and principles governing the regulation of stem cell research; to compare the European and US approaches on stem cell research; to compare the interconnections between regulation of reproductive cloning and stem cell research; to analyze public debates on reproductive cloning and stem cell in a number of EU Member States. This monitoring is based on a continuous analysis of relevant laws and decisions on this topic, these documents are reviewed permanently for the bio-law database of CELAB. The laws and regulations in this field of study are changing very rapidly, therefore no legal and ethical research on this topic can be conducted without having a clear view of the continuously changing legislative landscape; and without investigating the arguments of different stakeholders of stem cell research. Research methodology: -monitoring biomedical norms (ethical and legal) on the territory of the European Union and the Council of Europe in the field of reproductive cloning and stem cell research -analysis of ethical and legal principles in the field of the study within the European Union and within the Council of Europe -comparative analysis of laws, legislative proposals, reports and cases decided by European courts