Confronting the Decline of Constitutionalism: Reviving the Rule of Law Through Civil Society (CONstRuCt)

The decline of constitutionalism is very much in progress in old and new democracies alike. While the social sciences have been struggling to find a proper name for the emerging iteration of government (calling it illiberal democracy, abusive or sham constitutionalism, to name a few), the phenomenon itself becomes ever more prevalent around the globe. The project aims to engage in novel interdisciplinary research to uncover the techniques and mechanics of this decline, as well as to understand its broader consequences. Among other subjects the research will focus on the role civil society and the media (both traditional and new media) do and may have in raising awareness about the erosion of the foundations of liberal democracy. Although the decline of constitutionalism and the mockery of the rule of law appear to be social problems on their face, the consequences of these phenomena can only be studied by a collaborative effort among scholars of the social sciences.