CRS PhD Seminar: Reason, Unreason and Nature in Religion

This University-wide project is designed as a collaborative effort and aims to bring together various units of the university. CRS Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies Program, together with the Departments of Philosophy, Cognitive Science and Sociology and Anthropology will offer a doctoral seminar on ‘Reason and Unreason in Religion’ in Academic Year 2016-17. This will be a cross-disciplinary and University-wide enterprise that will promote innovative work and fresh thinking beyond disciplinary boundaries, and tap into such attempts outside of CEU as well. The seminar will rely on external speakers in a major way. Such speakers, chosen for working at the frontiers of knowledge, will be invited to present their work in progress, and will supplement the capacities of CEU beyond the boundaries imposed by size and infrastructure.

See the full description of the doctoral seminar at CEU's course hub!