Digital Humanities

Digital Cooperations and Community is an 18-month preparatory project  for mapping, taking inventory, and exploring existing Digital Humanities projects within CEU, and thinking through ways of strengthening such capacities in the future. Digital Humanities covers a great number of activities in research, teaching, and cultural production, using computers and web-based platforms as new technologies for both scholars and the general public. New modes of digital collaboration and sharing are re-defining the lines between academic and cultural production. The task of the DHI is to first bring those who are already practicing forms of DH into dialogue with each other (Spring 2016), and to then hold a series of public conversations with specialists in DH methodologies, workshops, and small grant competitions (2016-2017) to develop this community and envision its trajectory. The DHI is already a broad institutional collaboration between the Medieval Studies Department, CEU Libraries, the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives, and the Center for Media, Data and Society at the School for Public Policy. This list of working partners will only grow over the coming months, as many more departments, programs, and Centers that intersect in different ways with DH practices are contacted and invited to join this community.