EAWARENESS: Europeana Awereness

January, 2012 to December, 2014
EC - ICT Policy Support Programme

OSA is member of the 48-partner consortium to work on the Europeana Awareness project, which is a Best Practice Network of libraries, archives, and museums, as well as digital developers and innovators led by the Europeana Foundation and funded by the European Union under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework (CIP). Europeana Awareness is designed to publicize Europeana to users, policy makers, and cultural heritage organizations in every Member State; to promote and encourage its use by a broad public for a variety of purposes (including research, learning, and tourism); to engage users via user generation of content, creation of digital stories and social networking; to develop new partnerships with four key sectors which are currently underexploited by Europeana: public libraries; local archival groups; broadcast organizations and open culture re-users (programmers, developers, researchers and activists); and to further encourage cultural institutions to continue to provide content. OSA will work specifically on the national public media campaign and the end-user engagement to generate new content by organizing collection days for personal archives and memorabilia related to the regime change in Hungary in 1989.