Energy Security: Geopolitics, Markets and Society (ES-GMS)

The ES-GSM project is primarily designed to leverage existing and ongoing research, rather than to commission new research. The concurrent operation of several international projects on topics related to the security dimension of energy has allowed CEU to ‘punch above its weight’ in this part of the energy studies field. In order to keep this going, and develop it further, it is necessary to devote some resources to maintaining and strengthening CEU’s role in this informal network. This project will support events that facilitate collaboration between researchers at CEU and our international partners, as well as the dissemination of research results through high-impact outlets.

The envisaged outcome of this research collaboration and knowledge dissemination is a contribution to the policy debates about the three key themes identified in this project:

  • What are the ‘hard’ security implications of the new geopolitics of energy, and how can these best be addressed in a way that mitigates the military security and security-of supply risks?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of using regulatory tools (as opposed to military power or ‘hard’ economic power such as sanctions) to address security of supply issues, particularly related to the gas sector?
  • What are the societal risks associated with the new geopolitics of energy, and particularly the use of revenue from fossil fuels and energy infrastructure projects to sustain illiberal regimes, and how can these best be addressed?