OLIve Weekend Program (OLIve-WP)

CEU Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) is a civic engagement project that strengthens CEU’s involvement in the wider community and fosters the University’s goal of promoting open society by facilitating education for some of the most marginalized while removing barriers between CEU and the wider community. OLIve offers weekend courses to refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary. In January 2016, the first OLIve proposal was awarded funding by the Intellectual Themes Initiative and was able to start with an initial cohort of 43 students. A second ITI grant has been awarded to OLIve to spport courses for the Fall and Winter terms of Academic Year 2016-17. In November 2016 the ITI Selection Committee affirmed its committment to the project and granted further funding for OLIve courses in the Spring term of 2017.

The OLIve program includes English courses, academic tutoring to help students prepare applications to university, an introduction to life and culture in Hungary, a course on 'Critical Approaches to Culture' including a media skills workshop, a participatory film-making workshop, a course on business and entrepreneurship in Hungary, and a theater and performance workshop. Courses are held on Saturdays, at CEU's campus in downtown Budapest.