Reclaiming impetus – Seeking EU-Turkey Convergence in Three Policy Areas

September, 2011 to December, 2014
CEU - Sabanci Joint Academic Initiative
Research Area: 

The purpose of the project is to support and enhance policy formulation in respect to how Turkey’s regional policy and its role in the neighborhood might be reconciled with those of the EU. Turkey relates to Wider Europe in two distinct ways: as a candidate state negotiating its EU membership and as a major regional actor on its own. Turkish policies stemming from these two orientations can be potentially complementary or contradictory. This project aims (a) to examine the extent to which Turkey’s regional policies have the potential to converge with the EU’s neighborhood policies; (b) to provide a better understanding of how Turkey’s regional priorities might serve to strengthen or detract from its EU membership goals; and (c) to reassess Turkey’s potential to complement and reinforce EU policies and practices in its broader neighborhood.