RESILIM-O: Resilience in the Limpopo Basin Program - Olifants

Initiated in 2012, this programme reduces the vulnerability of people and ecosystems through improved transboundary governance and management of natural resources in the Limpopo Basin in South Africa and Mozambique. The programme is grounded in a grassroots approach to understanding the systemic causes of vulnerability, including climate vulnerability, and a promoting new ways of thinking and acting to promote integrated water and biodiversity management. Objectives of the project are:
1. To reduce climate vulnerability by promoting science-based adaptation strategies.
2. To enhance water security and integrated water resources management.
3. To conserve biodiversity and improve management of high priority ecosystems.
4. To develop stakeholder capacities to manage water and ecosystem resources.
5. To ensure continuous, reflective and collaborative learning.
6. To facilitate exchanges across the basin and with other basins.

Brandon Anthony joined the project in 2014 and will bring expertise to understanding and implementing protected area management effectiveness evaluation within the project's scope. In addition, he will collaborate with project partners in exploring ways to reduce human-wildlife conflict across the basin.