In-service ICT Training for environmental Professionals: Water in Europe and West Asia under the eye on environmental education special initiative GUPES project

April, 2014 to October, 2015
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The toolkit for policy-makers on applying Information and Communication Technologies in water management and water security should be drafted. Based on this toolkit  couple of workshops for policy makers in Europe and West Asia must be carried out. The project is a preparatory activity for the Eye On Earth Summit to be hold in Abu Dhabi in October 2015, where the toolkit must be presented by UNEP. The project suggests using CEU as a Resource Center and platform for the dialog between network of ICT professionals (e.g. Google) and policy/decision-makers (international conventions, national water agencies, ministries, etc). 

The Eye On Earth Summit includes multiple thematic initiatives (Water, Biodiversity, Climate, etc) and running training events for each of them might increase CEU visibility, recruitment and professional networking. The project foresees active students’ involvement at both PhD and MSc levels allowing them to build their professional network and enhancing their research skills.

The project allows:    accumulating the relevant knowledge and skills and run such workshops on application of edge-cutting technologies in various policy, management or education fields in a sustainable manner regardless substantial external funding through SUNs or Executive Education programs;    incorporating the latest edge-cutting technologies into the main CEU curricula and enhancing it through the guest lectures visits;    promoting CEU through the workshops among key national and international institutions through toolkit presentation by UNEP at the highest international events and targeted workshops for multiple organizations (International Conventions, etc).