Social Cohesion, Trust and Participation: Social Capital, Social Policy and Social Cohesion in the European Union and Candidate Countries (SCSPN)

February, 2006 to December, 2007
EC DG Employment, Social Affiars and Inclusion
Research Area: 

This network was formed in order to examine the importance of social capital for social policy. The aim was to demonstrate the ways in which informal and formal social networks influence social policy making and implementation in seven member states and the two candidate countries. In its first year the Network focused on various policy issues such as social capital and early childhood, pre-school education and the role of social capital in reducing old age dependency. The second year, ending in December 2007, resulted in a series of reports and policy briefs. The Network reported to the EU’s Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs and the studies fed into their annual Social Situation Report.