Sound Relations: Transgressions, Disruptions, Transformations

Whether as a method, a medium, or as a way of mediating knowledge sound has the ability to transgress disciplinary boundaries, disrupt ways of knowing that have been overly reliant on sight, and transform the ways in which academia is practiced, both inside and outside the university. The study of sounds, application of sound-based methodologies and creation of sonic outputs is not only a fascinating, transdisciplinary and growing academic field, but one that can inform, and be informed by, the ways we teach, learn and create within the university setting. Sound Relations will harness sound’s transformative potential with a two-year-long series of interdisciplinary activities by faculty, students and researchers to produce original research; equip CEU students, researchers and faculty with the ability to use sound in their teaching, learning and research; and disseminate CEU’s exceptional research output via open access sonic media. Planned activities include courses on academic podcasting and sound studies, sound-informed research projects, adaptation of classroom teaching practices and the sharing of best practices. This will result in the launch of CEU’s podcast library, a series of new podcasts, a handful of published articles and ongoing experimentation with further sonic outputs. As such, the project will have transformative impacts throughout the university, foregrounding sound as a method of inquiry, mode of reflection and extension of research agendas across departments; engendering blended teaching practices; extending the outreach efforts of the university; and creating a community of sound-enabled scholars.