Teaching and Learning at CEU: An Inventory of Interdisciplinary, Multicultural and Graduate-level Practices and Experiences

November, 2019 to August, 2020
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The project “Teaching and Learning at CEU” aims to explore perspectives to curriculum renewal at CEU as well as to create the CEU Community of Scholar-Teachers (CCST). The CCST is envisaged as a network of faculty and researchers interested in new approaches to inter- and multi-disciplinary teaching and learning in the humanities and social sciences. The network will focus on whether and how certain disciplinary pedagogical strategies contribute to a meaningful student learning experience and whether these strategies can become sustainable practices in inter- and multidisciplinary, internationalized curricula.

The project has two main focuses:

Identifying best teaching practices at CEU: We have designed and are currently conducting research on the alignment between CEU teaching practices and students’ learning experiences. The research results will be available in June 2020.

Creating the Community of Scholar Teachers: The first meeting of this group of junior and senior faculty took place  in March. Participants identified several strengths of teaching practices at CEU as well as began to explore the constraints on further improving teaching at CEU.

As part of our academic development initiatives, we hosted two external speakers who are leading experts in academic development. In February, Dr. Katarina Mårtensson, Senior Lecturer at the Division for Higher Education Development, Lund University, Sweden visited CEU. Dr. Mårtensson  led a discussion for CEU faculty on Developing as a university teacher - reflective practice and focus on student learning and a workshop for CEU doctoral students on Promoting a career in academic teaching and learning. In March, we organized an interactive webinar with Dr. Susan A. Ambrose, Senior Vice Chancellor for Educational Innovation, Professor of Education and History, Northeastern University, the US. Dr. Ambrose led two interactive webinars for CEU faculty and for CEU doctoral students on How Learning Works: Seven Research-based Principles for Smart Teaching.