Think Visegrad - V4 Think Tank Platform

February, 2011 to February, 2012
International Visegrad Fund
Research Area: 

Initiated and coordinated by the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, the V4 Think Tank Platform has the ambition of becoming a new and efficient instrument that would enhance cooperation within the Visegrad Group. Its main aim is to create a platform for regular and structured dialogue and for the exchange of views and ideas among the Visegrad experts from the non-governmental sector. Besides creating a network of experts on Visegrad issues, the V4 Think Tank Platform could also serve as a source of new proposals and recommendations for the governments of the Visegrad countries, the Visegrad Group presidencies and the International International Visegrad Fund. Another challenge the V4 Think Tank Platform will try to tackle is that of bringing the Visegrad cooperation closer to citizens, especially through their direct involvement in the project.