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CEU works in partnership with three housing providers in Vienna: OeAD, ZOOM, and The Student Hotel (TSH). They all provide flexible services to suit your needs and best accommodate the student community.  

For first-year undergraduate students it is mandatory to apply for ZOOM housing where they are actively assisted in adapting to college and city life, and can easily find their place in CEU’s student community. We find a shared living space inevitable for the cultivation of future academic and personal relationships. There are, however, exceptions from this rule: If you are an undergraduate with a registered address in Austria/Vienna (older than 4 months), or you have special accommodation needs we will support you in your individual plan. Please write directly to us with your requests ( First-year undergraduates are helped by our resident life assistantDora Wohner who lives just around the corner of your ZOOM apartments.  

Graduate students are welcome in The Student Hotel and in OeAD's Sechshauserstrasse. Although choosing one of our providers is not obligatory for graduates and advanced undergraduates, we advise you to take advantage of CEU's partnerships to strengthen our community, take active part in college experience, and have help at hand if needed. Be it any hardships, conflicts or additional needs regarding accommodation, you can always turn to the Student Center staff who are in regular contact with the providers.

Students who choose different housing options are offered help if encountering hardships in finding apartments, in bureaucratic matters, and other cases such as looking for flatmates. In case you are a CEU student and move to Vienna with your family please be reminded of CEU’s family support including an introduction to the Austrian education system for children, housing options and financial aid. 

Those students who choose to find accommodation on their own should pay special attention to Austrian norms of housing incl. rental agreement, student housing, and special obligations. You can find more information on this website. 

Whether you choose to live in one of the CEU houses or make private arrangements, please contact the Student Center about accommodation related matters on 

Address registration process in Vienna

It is important to register your address within three days after your arrival in Vienna. You will receive a signed address registration slip (Meldezettel) from your housing provider. On your slip, you have to fill in the details in the section called “Anmeldung and submit the form to any municipal office (Meldeservicestelle) in person or via email. If you arrange accommodation, outside of CEU partnerships it is possible that you won’t be provided with a registration slip by your landlord. In this case, please find the form hereAfter receiving the municipal office’s confirmation of your registration, please send it to for recording purposes. 

If you wish to change your address or move from Vienna for a longer term you have to re-register (Ummeldung) or de-register (Abmeldung) your address within three working days. For both, you need the same address registration slip (Meldezettel) as for the registration of your initial address, only the sections headed as “Ummeldung” or “Abmeldung”. After filling in your details, submit the form to any municipal office (Meldeservicestelle), in person or via email, and please send the confirmation to for recording purposes. 


Students are advised to contact first the CEU Residence Center for affordable and safe housing facility in Budapest. The dormitory operating a 24-hour reception service, includes computer labs and a sport center with swimming pool, sauna and fitness room. The Center features comfortable, furnished, air-conditioned, non-smoking rooms with private bathroom.

The Residence Center is located in a safe area and the CEU campus in the center of Budapest can be easily reached within 45 minutes by public transportation.

For visa purposes it is required to show proof of minimum two weeks paid accommodation.

In case there is no availability in the CEU Residence Center, you may consider small studio apartments/private rooms.

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Rented Accomodation

PDF icon Lease contract for apartment

PDF icon Lease contract for room

Address registration process in Budapest

According to Hungarian law all international students must fulfill all requirements for residency in Hungary: failure to do so will result in the termination of enrollment at CEU.

One important aspect of the residence application process is that all international CEU students are by law required to register their accommodation at the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (previously Immigration and Asylum Office).

Students from non-EEA countries must complete the "Accommodation Reporting Form for Third Country Nationals", whereas EEA students are required to fill out the "Datasheet for the Issuance of Registration Certificate".

Please note that it is highly recommended to contact the Student Center for further assistance before you start any visa procedure.