CEU is a research-intensive university. Its faculty members typically devote at least half of their time to research including participation in European and international projects. More than one-third of CEU students are pursuing doctoral degrees and thus are also actively involved in research, normally on par with faculty members.

Research Areas

CEU fosters interdisciplinary and policy-relevant research focused on the critical issues of the 21st century and rooted in the best traditions of both Central European and American scholarship. Learn more.

Doctoral Studies

One-third of CEU students study in PhD-level programs. Most receive full funding for their studies and actively participate in research projects. Doctoral programs are delivered by all CEU schools and departments in major research areas. Learn more.

Research Centers

Through its 17 research centers, CEU promotes an environment where high-quality research can take place; where readiness for intellectual risk-taking and for radical rethinking of foundations is strongly encouraged; and where values of open society, democracy and critical, reflective thinking are cultivated. Learn more.

Research Support

CEU assists faculty, staff and students to seek and secure partnerships and support for their academic mobility, cooperation, and research. Learn more.