CEU Research Groups

CEU―Africa Research Group (CEU-ARG)

The Africa Research Group (CEU-ARG) is an interdisciplinary open platform dedicated to research on the African continent and its relationship with the rest of the world. It is a forum that encourages debate and discussion through seminars, conferences and panel discussions on critical developmental issues such as good governance, democracy, arts and culture, conflict, poverty, natural resource-management, human rights, regionalism and integration and international relations. Through the above listed activities, the group hopes to strengthen research quality through strong peer review mechanisms. It provides a platform for collaboration and networking between CEU researchers with a focus on Africa and other researchers on the globe. And it promotes research and publications on Africa and its relations with other part of the world by CEU students and faculty.

Conflict and Security Research Group (ConSec)

The Conflict and Security Research Group (ConSec) is a multi-disciplinary forum of academic exchange for students and faculty whose academic interests lie within the broad field of conflict and security studies. The topics covered by the research group include, but are not restricted to, ethnic and ideological civil wars, political violence, peace-building, third party intervention, conflict management, ethnic politics, diasporas and migration, nationalism, identity and foreign policy.

Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)

The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) of Central European University is a university-wide platform for energy policy research. EPRG hosts regular seminars and an Energy Policy Lecture Series. EPRG welcomes PhD students and faculty from all CEU departments.

Environmental and Social Justice Action Research Group

The Environmental and Social Justice Action Research Group is a forum for dialogue, research and collective action to promote and achieve environmental and social justice.

Global South Research Group (GSRG)

The Global South Research Group (GSRG) brings together students, researchers, and faculty interested in the Global South, independent of their departmental affiliation. The group aims to create a network focusing on matters of development, North/South relations, and regions such as Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. We hold regular meetings during which the work of students and faculty can be debated and relevant literature can be discussed. In addition, the group organizes events at CEU in order to increase the visibility of the Global South focus across our academic community.

Higher Education Research Group (HERG)

The Higher Education Research Group (HERG) was created on the initiative of two Public Policy PhD candidates and with support of CEU and faculty members of Department of Public Policy (Currently School of Public Policy). The group's primary aim is to bring together CEU faculty and students and foster collaborative research among those working in the field of higher education policy.

History of Political Thought Research Group

History of Political Thought Research Group is an interdisciplinary group at CEU, cutting across departments from across the university. We hold regular discussion meetings, coming together to discuss readings of an interesting text from the history of political thought, in a lively and informal setting. In addition to holding research seminars with invited speakers, both from within CEU and externally, HPTRG provides a great forum for presenting ongoing research projects in political thought and intellectual history very broadly conceived. The wide range of backgrounds of our members provides great opportunity for CEU students and faculty to engage with various disciplinary and normative perspectives in the field.

IPeersIP&IT Law Research Group

IPeers is a research group at CEU bringing together master's and doctoral students, researchers, faculty members and practitioners who share a genuine interest in the fields of intellectual property, information technology law and, more generally, law and innovation.

The IPeers research group regularly organizes meetings open to the CEU community and to external audiences with the aim to foster collaborative research in the related fields, relying upon contributions from the legal, economic, technological and sociological disciplines.

Labor Project

Academic and policy-relevant research on labor markets and other applied microeconomic issues in Central and Eastern Europe

The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS)

The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS) is a research group dedicated to the study of issues related to the Middle East and North Africa. It is housed at the Central European University in Budapest, within the department of political science. The aim of MENAS is to bring together scholars working on these regions. It organizes events such as seminars, paper discussions, workshops, and social events such as movie nights and Arabic language practice.

Migration Research Group (MiRG)

The Migration Research Group (MiRG) provides a platform for faculty, students and researchers from all disciplines and units at CEU who have an interest in the study of mobility and migration―key disciplines presented in the group include political science, public policy, international relations, sociology and social anthropology, law, history, and network science. The group holds regular meetings for informal and congenial debate of migration topics and to discuss ongoing research of the members with a specialized audience. It seeks to foster collaborative research among its members. Additionally, it organizes events, workshops, and public lectures to raise the visibility and impact of migration research at CEU.

Nationalism Studies Research Group (NSRG)

The Nationalism Studies Research Group (NSRG) is a new student-led initiative aiming to discuss theoretical and practical aspects of nationalism. Our research interests vary wildly, as most of our members come from various disciplinary backgrounds and contribute to the study of different aspects of nationalism, including populism, ethnic and civic nationalism, everyday nationhood, far-right ideologies, and bottom-up approaches to nation-building. The research group was established this year, not only in order to bring together CEU PhD students working on these relevant topics but also to establish connections and facilitate networking with Viennese scholars and PhD students working in the field.  

Research Group in Political, Legal and Moral Philosophy (POLEMO)

POLEMO is a research group in Political, Moral, and Legal Philosophy. It was established in 2011, dedicated to philosophical or more broadly theoretical questions about politics, law, and morality. Its main activities are monthly seminars where POLEMO invites leading scholars around the world to share their work-in progress research. The research group also organizes regular meetings for its members to present and get feedback on their work. POLEMO has its annual conference called the POLEMO Symposium. Contact: polemo@ceu.edu

Political Behavior Research Group (PolBeRG)

The Political Behavior Research Group (POLBERG) is a research-facilitating and learning environment for the study of political behavior and political communication. It organizes regular seminars with paper presentations, replication seminars, and more informal talks on research methods and emerging research agendas. The events are open to students and faculty from any CEU department as well as interested scholars at other academic institutions, and offer them the opportunity to discuss their own research with a specialist audience.

Political Economy Research Group (PERG)

Collaborative research among the CEU faculty and students working in the area of political economy, concentrating primarily on the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Public Health Research Group

Public health research has enormous breadth and scope. The research group is interested in the full continuum of possible public health research topics.

Research on Culture, Politics, and Society (RCPS)

The group focuses on the forms, causes, and effects of cultural production in modern and contemporary society. Participants are researchers and advanced doctoral students working on issues of knowledge, art, media, and politics in various parts of the world, interested in expanding their theoretical and disciplinary horizons. The group is hosted by and managed from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology but it is interdisciplinary in scope, and its participants are interested in exploring intersections of global history, sociology, anthropology, political economy, political theory, policy studies, and social theory, as they apply specifically to the study of culture. The group reads or re-reads classics in global history and world systems analysis, with the aim of understanding what a macro-historical approach brings to the general understanding of the culture–politics–economy nexus. Contact: Ramnath_Shreya@phd.ceu.edu

Science Studies Research Group

The Science Studies Research Group examines the relations between scientific and technical forms of knowledge and the social, philosophical, and historical contexts that make these specialized practices both possible for experts and meaningful for their many audiences. Interdisciplinary of necessity, the group reflexively seeks combinations of interpretive inquiry and rational analysis that not only link disparate forms of scientific investigation, but also make sense of their impacts in society, industry, government, popular culture and daily life. Several departments participate in Science Studies activities at CEU: History, Philosophy, Sociology/Social Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, and Medieval Studies. A general overview of Science Studies at CEU (including courses) and further afield may be found on our general page. To follow current activities of the CEU Science Studies Research Group, please go to the Science Studies Laboratory.

South Asia Research Group

CEU South Asia Research Group (SARG) is a multidisciplinary initiative bringing together faculty, staff and students who share a passion for the study of South Asia. SARG's regular activities include research seminars, reading groups, film screenings, cultural celebrations and roundtables.

The Spatial Mapping and Analysis Research Group (SMARG)

The Spatial Mapping and Analysis Research Group (SMARG) of the Central European University (CEU) aims to be a focal point of the university geospatial research and teaching activities. Initiated and hosted by the CEU Environmental Systems Laboratory (https://syslab.ceu.edu) the Research Group brings together faculty, researchers and students from various university departments and units covering the entire range of possible application of geospatial methods, technologies and software packages.