Sejla Karic (LEGS, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Tell us about yourself. 

I am 24 years old and come from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At undergraduate level, I studied International Law at the American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a couple of years, I was part of an NGO established by students (several of my colleagues and myself included), and I was actually a member of the team in charge of volunteer recruitment. 

Why do you enjoy participating in CEU’s Student Recruitment Internship Program? 

I know how valuable CEU´s Student Recruitment Team was for me when I had decided to apply to CEU and how much CEU students in general advised me and helped me make the right decision during this important time. I want to do the same for someone in the future and I think that being a part of CEU´s Student Recruitment Internship Program is one-of-a-kind opportunity to achieve this. 

Why would you recommend CEU to a prospective student? 

CEU is definitely an excellent place not only to further your studies but also because it provides great networking opportunities. Both faculty and staff are always there for you to help you develop and achieve your goals. At CEU, there is something for everyone. Being a part of this diverse community is truly inspiring experience.  

What makes CEU special for you? 

The sense of belonging to such diverse community that strives to make a difference and has put up a fight in favor of academic freedom is priceless to me.