Senate Elections 2015-16

Nominating, Election, and Vote-counting Committee (NEVC)

  • Tamara Steger, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy (Chair)
  • Hyaesin Yoon, Assistant Professor, Department of Gender Studies
  • Gabriella Beni, Chief Accountant, Budget and Finance Office


Guidelines on Senate Elections:

Election Calendar

5 January 2016 Election calendar posted on the website, circulated by e-mail to all faculty and staff
11 January 2016  NEVC sends out a letter announcing the elections and soliciting nominations and self-nominations with a deadline of January 20, 2016. The letter should also ask eligible academic and administrative staff members to indicate if they wish to vote by mail
20 January 2016 Deadline for nominations Deadline for academic and administrative staff members to inform the NEVC if they wish to vote by mail
27 January 2016 Deadline for nominees to confirm to the NEVC in writing if they wish to become candidates
28 January 2016 NEVC publicizes the list of candidates
1-2 February 2016 NEVC distributes ballots with clear voting instructions to academic and administrative staff members who are eligible to vote. The ballots should clearly state the voting period. Ballots will be sent by mail to those faculty members who opted to vote by mail
11-17 February 2016 (5 working days) Voting period

18 February 2016, 2pm

NEVC announces elections results