SENTINEL: Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory

June, 2019 to May, 2022
EU Horizon 2020

The SENTINEL project is aligned with the Energy Union strategy and the EU's commitment under the Paris Agreement, which implies the necessity of accelerating the energy transition, ultimately leading to the complete elimination of energy sector greenhouse gas emissions. At the core of the funding call is the recognition that accelerating this transition requires us to develop a new set of energy modelling tools, able to represent and analyse the drivers and barriers to complete decarbonisation, including decentralisation, a large-scale expansion of fluctuating renewable power leading to a vastly increased need for system-side flexibility, sector-coupling including the electrification of mobility and heating, and the impacts of different market designs on the behaviour of energy sector actors.
We are creating a new modelling framework, which we call the Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory (SENTINEL). The SENTINEL framework will be modular in structure incorporating many separate models which will look in detail at specific technological, geographic, and societal aspects of the transition to a low-carbon energy system. The models will be able to be linked together to answer a wide range of different questions. For a given user in a given situation, only a subset of the models are likely to be needed, and this will make it a manageable task to understand how those particular models operate. The models in the framework, together with the data on which they rely, will be accessible via an online platform, for which this website acts as placeholder while it is in development.
The platform will also make available the model source code and data, together with supporting documentation and guidance. This will achieve complete transparency, and also enable other models to be added to the SENTINEL framework and online platform over time.