Source Language Teaching Group

Have you been longing for a course in Arabic? Wondered what it would be like to speak Hebrew or finally sink your teeth into Latin or Greek? Do you need to learn Turkish or any of the languages of Central, Eastern or Southeast Europe? Now you can, here at CEU.

Since 2009 the Source Language Teaching Group has been striving to meet the needs of the student body for less commonly taught source languages. Our goal is to contribute to the already international outlook of the university, facilitate the students' research and educational experience, and better prepare them for working and living in an increasingly globalized academic and professional world.

The SLTG courses are open free of charge to all CEU students, faculty, and staff. They are subject to the regular registration procedure as part of the university curriculum.

For information on how how to enroll (for both CEU and non-CEU students) please consult the SLTG Guidelines, regulating the use of SLTG language courses and specifying their availability to potential students.