Apostille procedure

CEU alumni may require an Apostille of their diploma and/or transcript when applying for further studies or jobs (in particular Ph.D. programs and jobs in public institutions). The Apostille is valid in countries that are signatories to the “Convention de la Haye du 5 oct 1961”. The list of signatories can be found at: http://hcch.e-vision.nl/index_en.php?act=conventions.status&cid=41

Please kindly note that CEU’s Student Records Office is no longer actively involved in the Apostille procedure.

The procedure to obtain an Apostille in Hungary is the following:

1. Arrange a notarized copy of the original document (diploma and\or transcript) with one of the notary offices in Budapest (eg. https://notar.hu/dr-toth-adam-kozjegyzo/gb/)

2. Send the notarized copy to the Hungarian National Chamber of Civil Law Notaries (MOKK Magyar Országos Közjegyzői Kamara) https://www.mokk.hu/ugyfeleknek/apostille_en.php

Alternatively, you may turn to the following external service provider, Linguarium Kft. : https://linguarium.hu/forditas_apos_eng.php

General information about Apostille procedure in Austria: Please consult the following page: Apostille – BMEIA, Außenministerium Österreich