Credit Transfer

Credit transfer at CEU is regulated by CEU's Credit Transfer Regulations, which is part of the Student Rights, Rules and Academic Regulations document.

The Regulations describe the rules and regulations of transferring credits earned as a student at CEU or at another recognized university or institution of higher education. Before submitting a request for credit transfer, please carefully consult the policy at the below link, and make sure to discuss it first with your department to check if the courses are eligible for transfer.

Annex 1. to the Student Rights, Rules, and Academic Regulations―CEU Transfer of Credit Policy

To submit your application please complete the Credit transfer request document (see below), have it signed by the Head of Department, and forward it to the Student Records Office at

Please make sure to attach all required documents to your application as outlined in the Reguations.

Students receive a notification email once the application is approved by all parties and the credits are transferred.