Diploma Replacement Procedure

If your US, Austrian or Hungarian diploma or supplement has been lost or destroyed a replacement diploma may be ordered from the Student Records Office by sending an email to Registry@ceu.edu.

A replacement displays the signatures of the current officials, but shows the original date of graduation. A statement “Replacement Diploma Issued on (Month, Date, Year)” will be printed on the document.

The fee for a replacement diploma is 40 EUR plus postage (15 EUR - if sent as registered mail, or 45 EUR - if sent by courier), and the fee for a replacement diploma supplement is also 40 EUR plus postage. Processing time is between six and eight weeks.

Your name on the diploma will appear as in your student records, unless you submit a name change request with the required documentation (official copy of passport, marriage certificate).

Link for online payment: https://payments.ceu.edu/