Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is produced by higher education institutions according to standards agreed by the Commission, the Council of Europe and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is part of the Europass framework transparency tools. 

The Diploma Supplement is designed as an aid to support the recognition of academic qualifications. The Diploma Supplement is an important tool of the European Higher Education Area for graduates to ensure that their degrees are recognised by higher education institutions, public authorities and employers in their home countries and abroad.


Graduates in all countries taking part in the Bologna Process have the right to receive the Diploma Supplement.  It is a bilingual document, information is stated in English and German in Austria, or English and Hungarian in Hungary.

In Hungary, the Diploma Supplement is issued in accordance with the Higher Education Act no. 2011. CCIV. 52. § (2). It is issued upon successful completion of programs accredited in Hungary as Masters programs of Közép-európai Egyetem.


The Diploma Supplement contains information identifying the holder of the qualification and its originating institution; the qualification, its type and level; the contents and results gained; certification of the supplement; details of the national higher education system; plus additional information.


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