1. Where is the Student Records Office located?

In Budapest we are located in Nádor u. 11., 3rd floor, room 307. In Vienna we are located in Quellenstraße 51-55, 6th floor B605 and Student Services front desk.

2. Do I need an appointment to meet with someone from the Student Records Office?

Yes. To make an appointment at SRO Vienna, please write to registry@ceu.edu.

3. How can I prove that I am a student at CEU?

You need to get a Certificate of Enrollment from the Student Records Office, free of charge. This certificate is issued in English, in Hungarian or in German. To order certificates of enrollment please place an order at the following link: https://www.ceu.edu/sro/order-certificate-enrollment . Your requests are promptly handled and your certificates are ready on the next working day (in September in 2-3 days). By default, enrollment certificates are issued digitally with an electronic signature sent to you via Docusign. If you wish to receive a hard copy to be collected on campus, please let us know in your request. To collect the hard copy personally, please book an appointment first.

4. How can I order an official transcripts at CEU?

You can place an order via CEU's payments gateway on http://payments.ceu.edu and pay with a credit card. The cost of one CEU transcript is 4 EUR. By default, official transcripts are issued digitally with an electronic signature sent to you via Docusign. If you wish the transcript to be mailed to you by post a 10 EUR (ordinary post) or 30 EUR (DHL) postage should be paid via the same link.

5. How can I prove that I graduated from CEU?

With an official copy of your transcript or diploma. If you need proof of your graduation before your diploma is prepared, you may also request a certificate of graduation by writing to our email address.

6. Can I obtain or make copies of the hard copies of my non-CEU academic records submitted to CEU?

NO. CEU does not return academic records of previous studies, nor does it provide copies thereof. Your non-CEU records are stored in your student file at SRO or at the Archives, they constitute property of CEU, they cannot be returned to students or alumni, nor is it possible to make copies of them for a third party. If you are applying to a university that requires such records, you need to contact your original school, not CEU. CEU issues CEU transcripts ONLY.

7. Can I get my back previous documents that I submitted upon admission once I leave CEU?

No, because CEU is a university and we need proof that our students have earned the necessary qualification (such as a high school diploma, a bachelor's degree, or a master's degree) prior to entering CEU.

8. Can I obtain a certified copy of my previous documents?

No, CEU does not have a license to certify other institution's documents. You need to contact the institutions that issued them originally.

9. How and when do I register for courses?

See the SRO Manual 2021/22. Read it carefully. It addresses most of your questions.

10. How can I access my student interface (e:Vision)?

Access to e:Vision (to register, check grades and for the online matriculation, re-enrollment, graduation forms) is available via the following link: https://sits.ceu.edu.

11. What happens if I do not register during the registration period?

Registration deadlines are strict. Anyone who fails to register must pay a Late Registration Fee of 15 EUR.

12. Can I change the registration mode (grade from audit) after the deadline?

Only if the teachers approves the change and writes directly to SRO authorizing changes in the student's registration.