Order Transcripts

This page provides you with information on how to download unofficial transcripts and how to order official transcripts.

Downloading Unofficial Transcript of Records

Students who are currently enrolled at CEU may download their own unofficial transcripts of records via the SITS e:Vision Portal.

To download your unofficial transcript log in to e:Vision, then click on My Student Page – Academic/ My courses and grades/Download unofficial transcript.

Should you have any difficulty with accessing this site or downloading the pdf, please contact our IT Helpdesk via helprequest@ceu.edu for help.

Students who are no longer enrolled at CEU should request the unofficial transcript from our office by writing to registry@ceu.edu. Unofficial transcripts are free of charge.


Ordering Official Transcript of Records

The cost for transcripts is 5 EUR/copy . If you pay 5 EUR by default you will receive an official digital copy with electronic signature sent to you via Docusign. 

You may also request that a hard copy transcript is mailed to you or a third party upon request. In this case you are also asked to pay postage. You may choose to have the transcript sent to you by post as registered mail for 15 EUR, or by DHL for 45 EUR.

Here is how to make payment:

  • Click the on-line payment link above (https://payments.ceu.edu)
  • Fill out the requested “Student/Participant Information” fields. Please note that your transcripts will be sent to the address indicated in the address fields of this form.  
  • Next proceed to the “Payment Information” section and fill out the required fields. In the “Reason for Payment” field, please choose "Transcript" from the drop down menu. In the “Amount payable” section indicate the amount of payment. The cost of one CEU transcript is 5 EUR. If you need more than one transcript please enter the multiplied amount. If you need it to be sent to you by post or courier, enter the additional cost of postage too, e.g. 20 or 50 EUR. For the currency field, please choose EUR.
  • Please, indicate the details of your payment in the Comments section - eg: 2 transcripts and DHL. In case you have any further comments, or if you wish to add any information please type those also in the Comments section. Please also indicate here if you want your transcript to be sent to a different address then the one given in the Student information section.
  • Please un-tick the checkbox next to the “Same as Student/Participant Information” line in case your billing information is different than that of the information entered above.
  • To preview your online form, please choose “Preview Payment” at the bottom of the page. Should you need further assistance please click on “Help” at the top right corner of the page.

If you have any questions regarding transcript request, please feel free to contact the Student Records Office at Registry@ceu.edu.