About Us

The CEU Student Union (SU) is the self-government of all students enrolled at CEU. Every year the students of various programs elect their representatives to the SU Assembly (SUA). The Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the SU and it provides representation in matters of academic, administrative and/or disciplinary nature. Nine members of the Assembly are elected by the SUA to be the SU Board (SUB), which is the main decision-making body between Assembly meetings and is the key executive body of the Union.

The function of the SU is twofold. On the one hand, it represents a respected partner of the CEU Administration in the decision-making and policy-shaping process. This is achieved through students’ representation in the University structures, including the Senate and other Committees. At the same time, the SU prepares policy and position papers on pertinent issues, which are then sent to, and discussed with, the leadership of the University. These issues range from student stipends, to dorm regulations, to research and travel grants and opening a new student bar on the main campus.

On the other hand, the SU actively works towards making the student experience at CEU memorable through organizing numerous activities and supporting students’ initiatives. The SU independently operates a budget that is largely invested in enriching the social and academic life at CEU. With the help of Student Services and other administrative units, the SU helps organize the International Cultural Festival, the Spring Ball, and numerous parties and sport events. We also provide support for the many student clubs and groups at CEU. Have an idea on how the SU can better meet your needs? Drop us an email at studentunion@ceu.edu