Student Center

Location:  Nádor u. 11. 3rd floor, room 304

Regular Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 12.45 p.m. to 4 p.m

The Student Center is firmly committed to create welcoming and courteous atmosphere to assist all students on matters related to Health Insurance and Legal Residence Status. The Center provides effective service to all incoming and continuing students, and advises students on various student life related matters.

  • Informing students on all matters related to Health Insurance and Residence Status, in particular at the start of the Academic Year
  • Establishing a solid framework to ensure that international students fulfill all requirements for adequate health insurance and legal residency in Hungary
  • Supervising all categories of Health Insurance (CEU Health Plan, Hungarian Social Security)
  • Supporting Student Parents with all available information
  • Organizing and coordinating the arrival and leaving procedures for students
  • Managing all aspects related to the application for Hungarian Student Card
  • Overseeing the distribution, administration and maintenance of student lockers
  • Assisting with housing arrangements
  • Coordinating residential arrangements with the CEU Residence Center


People affiliated with this unit

Viktoria Magocsi, Student Insurance, Health and Well-being Officer

Richard Kartosonto, Student Life and Residency Officer

Tamara Tischler, Student Life Assistant