Clubs and Activities

CEU actively encourages and supports students' interests and activities. In previous years, there have been a huge number of activities from theater and opera visits, to dance classes and ice skating parties. CEU has two sports centers, with aerobics, yoga classes, and tournaments. There is also an exhibition space within the university where the student artwork can be showcased. At the start of each academic year, CEU surveys student interests, and organizes different events and programs accordingly during the year.

Many clubs are formed, from chess and basketball to film and literature. The CEU Debate Society, one of the more prominent student activities, regularly participates in, hosts, and co-organizes international debate competitions.

Freedom of speech is more than an abstract concept. We value it first and foremost because without it, the process of clashing ideas would not be possible. This process is critical to any free and open society which wishes to advance its social mores, criticize its political processes or guarantee the expression of unpopular opinions. Therefore, free speech is not just a concept, but a daily practice, an ongoing process of combating arguments.


Budapest Open 2016

The tournament lasted from Friday till Sunday evening. It was a clash of ideas and a battleground for good argumentation. Overall, there were 72 teams of two members each, plus the organizing committee and volunteers comprising of members of debate societies from ELTE, Corvinus and of course CEU. CEU was the host site of the debate tournament. The team "Break or Break-up" from the London School of Economics and Political Sciense were the winners at the end. The members were Julia Slupska and Billy Wildi.
CEU was represented by Zola Valashya and Aron Suba. 

But debate is not merely restricted to the classrooms of Universities. It spilled over into the amazing socials we provided. Motions of the debate became the center-ground of conversations over drinks and food at many of the historical locations of the city. The students were exposed to the cultural diversity of the city as well as the opportunities of engagement it provides. Participants were also deeply impressed with what CEU stands for along with the location of the University itself.

Without the help of the various wings within CEU, such as the SLO, the RO, the SU and the departments, especially the SPP, this wouldn't have been possible. The ability to get together with people you otherwise wouldn't meet and become friends for life who support each other and work for global values in today's world transcends the world of debate. It is something the University has given us and we at Debate Hungary are proud to carry on this tradition.