Official Information

CEU Premises

There is a room designated for students with young children, for quiet time and nursing in between classes and activities at the University. The room is located in Nador 15 Building, Room # KG01. There is one diaper changing facility at Nador 9, Ground floor (disabled-access toilet). Students may never leave children unattended at the premises!


All students studying at CEU on a Master's or PhD scholarship are provided with funding for expenses designed to cover living costs for the student. In the case of Master's degree scholarship recipients eligible for housing, this includes accommodation in the CEU Residence Center. Since the CEU Residence Center is not designed to house small children, MA scholarship recipients may request an exception allowing them to receive the value of the Residence Center accommodation in their stipend if their children are staying with them in Budapest. Requests for this exception should be addressed to the Dean of Students Office, and include proof of the child's residence in Hungary.

 Insurance for Dependents

All international (i.e. non-Hungarian citizen) students are required to have health insurance coverage during their long-term stay in Hungary, as well as all dependents who may accompany the student, including spouses and children. Insurance options are slightly different for citizens of European Union member countries compared to those from outside the EU.

  • Hungarian students as well as their children must be registered with the Hungarian State Health Insurance (TAJ).
  • European Union member state citizens—who are not Hungarian citizens or permanent residents—are required to have proper health insurance coverage. Students who are in programs lasting longer than one year are eligible and required to register for the Hungarian State Health Insurance (TAJ) after one year of stay in Hungary. They will have TAJ coverage for the remainder of their legal residence in Hungary as a student, and once they are enrolled in TAJ, their dependent children will also be covered under TAJ. The payment of the contribution toward the Hungarian State Health Insurance System is undertaken by the University for full and partial scholarship recipients. Self-funded students must pay for the coverage themselves or provide proof of state health insurance from another EU country.
  • Dependents (spouses and children) of EU citizens are required by Hungarian law to have health insurance. The company that provides health insurance for non-Hungarian students, Generali, offers a policy for family members. Information about this policy can be found at
    Parents may also choose to purchase equivalent coverage from other insurance companies.
  • Non-EU citizens are required to have insurance for the duration of their long-term stay. Those studying at CEU on full or partial scholarships are recipients of the insurance coverage provided by the University. Self-funded students must either pay for the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by the Generali Insurance Company or provide a proof of equivalent alternative health insurance coverage. Third country nationals—that is citizens outside the European Union—are not eligible to join the Hungarian State Health Insurance System, and must remain with private insurance providers during their stay in the country.

For more information on health insurance and the CEU Medical Center, visit

Please click here to see the attached document for more details on TAJ (Hungarian State Health Care System).

 Local District Medical Emergencies for Children

In case of an emergency that is not life-threatening, students with kids can contact the local district medical emergency office closest to their domicile for consultation with a doctor on duty. The list of district emergency offices is provided below:

Fonix SOS Rt Gyermekorvosi Ugyelet
District: I, II, III, XI, XII, XXII
Address: Szent Janos Hospital, Building 24, Budapest, XII Dios arok 1-3.
Phone: (36-1) 212-5979 

Heim Pal Gyermekkorhaz
Address: Budapest, IX, Ulloi ut 86.
Phone: (36-1) 264-3314, (36-1) 264-7481

International Ambulance Service Kft. Del-pesti Gyermekugyelet
District: IX, XX
Address: Budapest, IX Tuzolto utca 71.
Phone: (36-1) 783-1037 

International Ambulance Service Kft. Eszak-pesti Gyermekugyelet
District: IV, V, VI, VII, XIII, XIV, XV
Address: Budapest, XIII Revesz utca 10-12.
Phone: (36-1) 349-8601, (36-1) 349-8603

 Baby Care Assistance

University life is demanding, especially when the finals are coming up and there is a lot of preparation to do. If you need time to prepare for the tests during the exam period, we are here to help you out with a few pieces of advice.

 We have compiled a list of agencies that could help you find some spare hours by providing caretaking and babysitting services in Budapest. The listed agencies are reliable: they screen and interview babysitters before assigning them to certain jobs. Besides providing their services in English, they can also be asked to look after your kids part-time, for just a couple of hours, but they are also available full-time to be of your assistance. As an extra service, the agencies’ babysitters are also available for taking your children to extracurricular activities, to school or preschool, but are also happy to help you with taking care of grocery shopping and keeping your apartment nice and tidy.

Feel free to contact the agencies by clicking on the hyperlinks, or contact us with your questions anytime.

Public Day-care/Kindergarten

In Hungary, one registers his/her children to a public day-care/kindergarten one year in advance. There are exceptions to this procedure and late applications are accepted but it depends on whether there are available spaces at the day-care/kindergarten. One needs to go personally to day-care center/kindergarten and submit the following documents:

  1. registration card (EU students)/residence permit (non-EU students); more information can be found at:
  2. address card/address certificate; more information in the page above
  3. certificate of enrollment- proving the reason for staying in Hungary
  4. child's birth certificate
  5. child's certificate of inoculation
  6. TAJ card (or a certificate proving that the child will receive health care services and is insured in Hungary)

Important: Parents are required to find a day-care/kindergarten based on the location of their address (District). If they chose another district, they have to prove that they work/study there. (Certificate of enrollment)

Preschools and Schools in Budapest

Most Hungarian language preschools are state run, with Bölcsőde (nursery) for children up to the age of three followed by Óvoda (kindergarten) until the age of seven. Find more information on international preschools in Budapest.

Download a detailed list on childcare facilities as well as foreign-language schools in Budapest and around CEU prepared by HRO, here: