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Please find below special tips from a CEU Mom

WHERE TO GO - 'depending on the age of the child I recommend the Zoo in Budapest, various thematic playgrounds (Millenaris, Rumini, Vuk, etc.) based on Hungarian children's book/stories and play houses (we like the one in Mammut, but there is also Millipop at Millenaris).  There are also super places like Szamoca ( where children can learn some gardening, REX ( where they can interact with rescued dogs and other animals.  Must go to the Natural History Museum (  There are lots of good swimming pools like MOM ( I go on?! :)'

WHAT TO DO - 'lot of free programs available.  I have some friends who run an excellent web page (sadly in Hungarian) about these, see, maybe this service could be provided in English (or just translated by google).  This could provide an opportunity for children to learn handicrafts.' 

CLOTHES - 'there are a lot of second hand shops selling good quality items at a reasonable price (which may be important for students on a low budget).  I recommend HADA shops (, but there are a lot of others.  Look around on the Korut...  H&M and C&A are the best value for money if you want to buy new stuff.'

(Mariann, Environmental PhD student)