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Student Housing

CEU's student housing partner in Vienna is OEAD, the Austrian state agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research.

CEU provides accommodation in OEAD dormitories for MA students whose financial aid award covers housing, and for BA students on a fee paying basis.

MA and PhD students who have not been offered housing as part of their financial aid package should arrange their own accommodation. MA and PhD students not in receipt of a financial aid package covering housing but who still wish to stay in OEAD facilities are advised to contact OEAD directly with their reservation requests.

More about OEAD facilities:

Online application: (please indicate Central European University in the Study details section)

For more information about living in Vienna please click on the link below. Please note that some information provided here are relevant only for students staying in OEAD dormitories (picking up keys, leaving procedure etc): Living in Vienna

Vienna offers student dormitories for various needs and preferences. Please find a list of dormitories/ housing providers below should you prefer to check other possibilities. Please note that some dormitories might request the CEU acceptance offer when applying for a room.

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During their time at CEU, most students will either stay at the CEU Residence Center or in rented apartments in the city. While some students receive accommodation at the CEU Residence Center as part of their financial aid offer, those who are not in receipt of accommodation may--dependent on availability--stay at the center on a fee-paying basis. Please send your request to

Students who have not requested or who have not been granted accommodation in the Residence Center should arrange their own housing; you may find some useful information and guidelines in the subsections below.

The Dean of Students Office assists students in findig long and short-term accommodation both in Budapest and Vienna. You can contact the Housing Assistant at