Emergency Services

The emergency services are the police, ambulance service and fire service. Telephone numbers for the Hungarian public emergency services are as follows. These numbers may be dialed from any pay-phone, without a coin or card.

General Emergency number 112
Ambulance 104
Police 107
Fire 105

Emergency phone numbers on campus

If you require emergency services or want to report criminal actions on campus please contact the main number of CEU by dialing (36-1) 327-3000 or the CEU security guard on duty around the clock. The officer(s) will be able to assist you.

Police Services

Police station in the 5th district:
Szalay u. 11-13, Phone: (36-1) 373 1000 MAP

Police station in the 10th district:
Harmat u. 6-8, Phone: (36-1) 263 7200 MAP

Medical services

For medical assistance, consult the information on the Medical Center - Health Services page.

If the insured receives medical treatment in an emergency at a medical facility other than the designated medical facility, or without the management of the designated service provider, the insured may be required to prepay for such medical care. There is no set tariff for emergency services, which could amount to 20 000 HUF (approx. 65 EUR).
Submitting invoices for services prepaid by the Generali insured:
For the reimbursement claim the insured needs to have an invoice issued in the name of Adenium J.V. Kft., 1013 Budapest, Dobrentei utca 10. (also showing the insured's name) indicating the delivered medical and health care services and a copy of all medical documents related to the insured event (e.g.: outpatient records, hospital discharge summary, examination records, laboratory records, images made during diagnostic or histology tests, prescriptions, etc.). 

Peterfy Hospital, Traumatological Center
Central Traumatological Ambulance (Kozponti Baleseti Ambulancia)
8th district, Fiumei u. 17. Phone: (36-1) 299-7700
Use the entrance from Gazlang street. This center is open every day 24 hours.

Twenty-four-hour emergency medical phone number:

In case of emergency you may receive advice and orientation by calling (+36-30) 832-6260.

In Hungary medications such as painkillers, antipyretics or spasmolytics can be purchased without prescriptions however most of the medicines can only be bought with prescription (including emergency contraception pills). In case you need such pills please visit the Medical Center.

Twenty-four-hour pharmacies in Budapest:

  • Terez Patika, VI. District, Terez krt. 41, Phone: (36-1) 311-4439
  • Elefant Gyogyszertar, X. District, Pongrac ut 19, Phone: (36-1) 431-9940
  • Szena Ter Patika, I. District, Szena ter 1, Phone: (36-1) 225 7830
  • Benu Beketeri Gyogyszertar, XIII. District, Lehel u. 74-76, Phone: (36-1) 320-8006
  • Ors Vezer Gyogyszertar, XIV. District, Ors Vezer tere 23, Medical Center, Phone: (36-1) 221-3861

Psychological Counseling

The student psychological counseling service provides help and support in the following areas: personal and emotional problems, different forms of anxiety (panic, performance or social anxiety, phobias), interpersonal difficulties, depression, concentration problems, stress management, eating disorders, decision making, and many others. It is completely confidential and free of charge. It is necessary to make an appointment via email.

Location: Nador u. 11,  2nd Floor, Room 201/A

Berne Weiss, Psychologist
E-mail: weissb@ceu.edu
Phone: (36-1) 235 6127
Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Laszlo Biro, Psychologist
E-mail: birol@ceu.edu
Phone: (36-1) 235 6127
Office hours: Tuesdays 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Other appointment times are available by special arrangement.

Fire services

Anyone noticing smoke or fire should dial the main number of CEU in the Nador complex by calling (36-1) 327-3000 or 5555 in the Residence Center, or use the nearest alarm box in the corridor. Please see the attached fire and safety regulations below.