Health Care, Medical Services & Insurance

Health Care, Medical Services and Insurance at CEU

In the following sections you can find useful information about:

  • the Austrian and Hungarian health care systems
  • the insurance policy of CEU
  • your obligations as a Student at CEU
  • the medical services in the respective countries highlighting the role of the CEU Medical Centers.

Please take the time to go through the different sections to learn more about health care services and familiarize yourself with the insurance options available in Austria and in Hungary.

Information about the connection of Employment and Insurance:
Please note, that public health insurance due to a contract can affect your CEU health insurance plan (see FAQ) since FeelSafe private insurance CANNOT be used with a valid Austrian State Health Care simultaneously.
Furthermore, your insurance connected to your contract (assignment or employment) in Austria/Hungary could affect your insurance in your home country (especially in the EU!) so please check with the insurer/government if there are steps you need to take.

Length of insurance eligibility:

  • For BA students: duration of enrollment
  • For 1-year MA students: 10 months
  • For 2-year MA students: 22 months (including summer months between first and second year)
  • For PhD students: 36 months