Health Care, Medical Services & Insurance

Please note, that the current health insurance plan is under revision and the information will be updated on this website shortly.

Health Care, Medical Services and Insurance at CEU

The following sections provide information on health care options available in Austria and Hungary, as well as your obligations as a student at CEU. The aim is to give you a general overview of the medical services in the respective countries highlighting the role of the CEU Medical Centers. Please take the time to go through the different chapters and familiarize yourself with the insurance options. 

If you cannot find an answer to your question on these pages, please contact us by email: .

Length of eligibility for health insurance support for full-time students from AY 2023/24: 

  • For Bachelor's students: duration of enrollment (excluding extended enrollment) 
  • For 1-year Master's students: 10 months 
  • For 2-year Master's students: 22 months (including summer months between first and second year) 
  • For Doctoral students: 4 years (PhD students receiving a stipend are required to cover tax and Austrian SVS health insurance contributions from this sum.)