Erasmus Mundus Program Participants

Marsh Insurance Broker places coverage for the Erasmus Mundus students with insurer XL Catlin. All information (terms and conditions in three languages, claim forms, and the summary of coverage) about the EMPA (Erasmus Mundus Protect & Assist) coverage is available on the website

The EMPA (Erasmus Mundus Protect and Assist) insurance solution is fully compliant with the EACEA minimum requirements and the mandatory extended period of coverage for insured students is included. The insurance coverage starts 2 months prior to the official start date of the program and is valid up to 2 months after the official end of the program (given that the student is not taking up an activity other than for which the grant has been awarded).

In case of emergency situations when assistance is needed immediately, please contact the Assistance Provider at +44 800 279 9734.

Erasmus Mundus students - other than full scholarship recipients -  are eligible to get the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by Generali, distributed upon arrival. 

In case you have questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page first.