Information for EU Citizens

According to EU regulations, all EU citizens are required to have membership in any state health insurance system. Students bringing their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are covered by their national health system in their home country, therefore they are not required to enroll in the Hungarian State health plan. A copy of the EHIC card must be submitted to the Student Center (Nador 11, Room 304) or to

Before coming to Hungary, you are strongly recommended to obtain a European Health Insurance Card. In case you bring an EHIC, you are still entitled to the CEU Health Insurance Plan, see detailed information here.

Insurance policy for EU citizens: 

  • Students in one-year programs and students in their 1st year of PhD or two-year programs, are covered by the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by Generali. 
  • 2nd year MA and PhD students who have already been residing in Hungary for a year (therefore having registration card and address card) must be enrolled in the Hungarian State Health Insurance System (TAJ) unless they have an EHIC.

Enrollment conditions in the Hungarian State Health Insurance System: 

  • not insured in another/home country’s state health care system (proven by E104 form) 
  • valid Hungarian address card with registered permanent address (in Hungarian “Lakóhely” not “Tartózkodási hely”) for a year.

For the detailed application process please click here. 

EU citizens (including Hungarian citizens) enrolled in the Hungarian State Health Insurance System ("TAJ") can request a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in person through the National Institute of Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) located at 1139 Budapest, Teve utca 1/a-c. Necessary documents: valid TAJ card, national ID, registration card, address card.

Students who do not intend to use the CEU Health Plan must submit, immediately upon arrival, evidence of membership in an alternative insurance plan that covers medical services in Hungary. CEU does not cover the costs of alternative plans selected by the students.

How to use the European Health Insurance Card in Hungary?