Medical Data FAQ

Who processes my medical data?
Your medical data is highly confidential. Only the doctors at the CEU Medical Center have access to this information and archive students’ medical forms. Your insurance provider also has the right to access your medical data in certain reimbursement claims.

Why do I have to complete the Medical Form?
In order to provide you with the best treatment in the event of health problems or medical emergencies, the CEU Medical Center asks you to complete the data form. It is in your best interest to ensure that all parts of the form are completed entirely and in full compliance with the known facts. We need this information also because the CEU Medical Center has an obligation to take care of public health issues.

How should the Immunization part of my Medical Form be filled out?
By signing this form, your doctor confirms the validity of all vaccinations you have received to date. It is essential to indicate the exact dates of all vaccinations. If you have not received a certain vaccine or any of the dates are unknown, those sections should be left blank.

How can I submit my Medical Form?
Once completed bring the original with you and on arrival drop it off at the CEU Medical Center.

Are the medical records accessible by CEU staff?
No. The medical records and medical data can only be accessed by the CEU Medical Center. They collect, handle, and archive medical forms.

Is the completed Medical Form a precondition for my admission?
No. The Medical Form is not a precondition to being admitted to CEU.

Why do I have to complete the Medical Form in my residence country?
The Medical Form should be completed in your country of residence by any doctor who knows and treats you. In exceptional cases, the form may be completed in Budapest, but this service is not covered by the CEU Health Insurance Plan (for this, budget approximately an additional 15 000 HUF - 50 EUR).