Health Insurance Options

The CEU Health Insurance Plan

The CEU Health Insurance Plan is available to international students enrolled at Central European University for the duration of their enrollment. The Plan covers the costs of medical care, medication, and medical aids, as well as reasonable patient transport received in medical necessities. The insurance coverage is limited only to those insurance events that happen in the territory of Hungary and the Plan does not cover the fee of the medical services used abroad.

Students obtain the health insurance card for one academic year at the beginning of the academic year at the orientation held by the Student Center. The insurance cards must be renewed each academic year at the Student Center and must be activated with your handwritten signature. The renewal of insurance is NOT possible online or via email. Students are encouraged to consult the terms and conditions and the full description  of the Insurance Plan in advance, with special attention to services provided, and the exclusions. 

Patients insured by the CEU Health Insurance Plan have to visit the CEU Medical Center first. The CEU doctors may refer the patients for further treatment to other medical facilities or prescribe the necessary medicines. You may receive reimbursement for medical treatments and prescriptions through the CEU Medical Center. The insured is only allowed to choose other medical facilities or provider in case of emergency.

In case you bring an EHIC, you are still entitled to the free CEU Health Insurance Plan.

Students who do not intend to use the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by Generali must submit, immediately upon arrival, evidence of membership in an alternative insurance plan that covers medical services in Hungary. In case students bring their own alternative insurance, it must comply with the minimum standards of the CEU Health Insurance Plan.

Visiting and exchange students are not provided with the CEU Health Insurance free of change.

In case you need to purchase the CEU Health Insurance Plan, please calculate with 6,500 HUF / month price for Academic Year 2018/19. The contact details of the representative of the insurance company and the payment supplements are available at the Student Center (Nador 11, Room 304).

US citizens are strongly advised to check the necessity of purchasing additional insurance to fulfill IRS requirements