Travel Insurance

Enrolled students who plan to travel abroad during their studies are strongly recommended to buy travel insurance, as the CEU Health Insurance Plan is valid only within the territory of Hungary. 

The travel insurance plan (available at the CEU premise) valid worldwide, except in Hungary and the applicant's home country, costs 275 HUF/day; for more information click here. 

  • Contact: BCD Travel, Nador 11, 4th Floor, Room 413
  • Phone: +361 328 3506

  • Email:

To purchase and activate the travel insurance coverage, the student must be present in Hungary since the contract cannot be activated from abroad or online. Extension of the existing coverage is possible online with the prior confirmation of/agreement with BCD Travel. 

For EEA students with a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), medically necessary and emergency treatments are free of charge in the EU zone.