Leaving Procedure

This section is applicable to those students who started their program before AY 19/20. Information for students who enrolled to CEU in AY 19/20 will be given at a later point in time. Non-degree students shall turn to their Admissions Coordinator for further guidance with the leaving process.

At the end of the academic year, each student is required to go through the so-called 'Leaving Procedure' which includes the following:

  1. Fill out the on-line graduation form.
  2. Complete the leaving procedure. Students should initiate the Leaving Procedure process after submitting their thesis to their department. Please do not wait until the last moment and allow at least three (3) working days for completing this process. Graduating students must ensure that:
    1. They have returned all borrowed materials to their department and to the Library.
    2. They have completed an Authorization form for the Hungarian Diploma.
    3. They have returned their locker key and Hungarian Student Card.
    4. They do not have any outstanding financial issues.
    5. International EU citizens should follow these steps for EEA students to return their Registration and Address Card to the authorities.

Unresolved obligations to the University will result in the withholding of the student's diploma and other university services, according to the CEU Policy on Holds.

Students leaving CEU during the academic year (e.g. failed, enrollment terminated) are also required to complete the 'Leaving Form'. It is CEU's obligation to notify the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (former Immigration and Asylum Office) about the changes in student status. Students failing to follow this procedure may face serious problems with local authorities.

For questions or consultation, please contact:
Richard Kartosonto, Student Life and Residency Officer
Dean of Students Office, Nador u. 11, 3rd Floor / Room 304
E-mail: kartoson@ceu.edu