About the Medical Form

In order to provide you with the best treatment in the event of health problems or medical emergencies, CEU's Medical Center requests you to complete the Medical Form below. All information in this form will be handled confidentially by the Medical Center. Persons outside the designated service provider are not provided this information without the patient's written consent. It is in your best interest to ensure that all parts of this form are completed entirely and in full compliance with the known facts.

The form consists of the following parts:

1. Medical History – please complete this part yourself, including your relevant personal data.

2. Physical Examination Form – must be filled out by a physician, ideally (but not necessarily) one that has known and treated you for a long time. If necessary, this section may also be completed at the CEU Medical Center in Budapest, where an approx. 9.000 HUF (30 EUR) service fee will apply for the X-ray picture to be taken. (Please note this service is not covered by the CEU Generali Health Insurance Plan.)

3. Immunisation History – by signing this form, your doctor confirms the validity of all vaccinations you have received to date. It is essential to indicate the exact dates of all vaccinations. If any of the dates are unknown, those sections should be left blank. Please attach the copies of your vaccination records too.

Once completed fully, please bring the original with you so you can drop it off at the Medical Center upon arrival.

The medical form can be downloaded here.

Should you have any health related questions or concerns prior to your arrival, feel free to contact the Medical Center at MedicalCenter@ceu.edu.