Academic Registration

Matriculation is the administrative act of becoming a student of the University. It enables you to access student services and facilities as well as register for courses. It also carries with it the obligation to abide by the rules and policies of the University. You are required to matriculate upon arrival at CEU. The matriculation process is carried out on-line, for instructions see the Student Records Office's Manual.

CEU has designed, developed, and implemented its own integrated information network, called the University Information System (realized via Infosys®). Course registration, grading and applying for a degree are all computerized and students are responsible for conducting all necessary procedures in connection with registration. This system also integrates many of the administrative functions students have to deal with during their stay at CEU. The Infosys® also provides on-line information about courses, grades, and class schedules as well as information on rental accommodation available in the city. There is a mandatory session on the use of the system at the beginning of the academic year.

For further details, visit the SRO website.