List of Service Units

In this section you will see a short list of different Service Units of CEU who have collected a number of questions that they were asked by students of the university in the past few years. By putting those online, we hope to help you to a smooth start. These units are the most important during your stay at CEU to help you with administrative, accommodation, computer, language, library, and career issues.

Dean of Students Office (DoS)
This office is to help you register with the authorities, find accommodation, secure your medical insurance, handle day-to-day issues and to enhance a friendly and creative atmosphere offering a number of out-of-class programs.

CEU Residence Center (Dormitory)
The CEU Residence Center (Dormitory) seeks to provide a living-learning environment that encourages educational excellence and personal growth. The staff is committed to providing residential housing facilities that are safe and welcoming.

Financial Aid Office (FAO)
For those of you who receive financial support from CEU, this office will manage your CEU or external stipend packages, administer U.S. Federal Loans and CEU PhD grants. The Financial Aid Office does not deal with money directly.

Budget and Finance Office (BFO)
For those of you who receive financial support from CEU, this office will assist in opening a bank account and managing your finances while in Hungary. The Cash Desk is the place where direct payments can be made.

Student Records Office (SRO)
This is the place to register for your courses, receive transcripts and your diploma at the end of your studies. You can receive a certificate of enrollment at CEU for any further applications or registration with authorities.

CEU ID Card Office
In case you arrive late or have not found your ID Card in your welcome package, please turn to this office and receive your CEU ID Card. In case you lose your card or it expires, here you will also get a replacement.

Information Technology Department (IT)
This office deals with your CEU computer account, assists with any computer-related problems and distributes your printing quotas.

Computer and Statistics Center
After your arrival, you will need to attend the CEU Computer Communication class introducing the CEU system and local computer and email usage and need to take the compulsory Computer Proficiency Exam administered by the Computer and Statistics Center.
There are further useful computer courses offered during the academic year on MS Office applications, Statistics, HTML editing, etc.

Center for Academic Writing (CAW)
The Center for Academic Writing provides support to help you meet the writing standards expected of you in your department and to acquire the skills you need to become proficient independent writer in English. As well as academic writing courses for most departments, the Center provides the chance for any member of the CEU community to discuss their written work in individual consultations.

The Center also offers foreign language courses (Hungarian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese). Further information on these courses is available on our website.

The CEU Library
The CEU Library is located in the central premises of the university and is open 7 days a week. The Library holds over 280,000 documents in various formats, and you can use a large variety of electronic databases as well.

Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at CEU (OSA)
OSA is an archival research center, which actively collects documents, films and books related to recent history, Cold War and Human Rights. Its "Galeria Centralis' organizes exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, and seminars.

Alumni Relations and Career Services 

The Alumni Relations and Career Services (ARCS) office coordinates all alumni and career support programs for CEU graduates and students. See the ARCS website for benefits and services, networking and events, the ceu|impact campaign and a full host of career services to help give you succeed in today’s jobs market.