Undergraduate Programs

Central European University offers two exciting new BA programs, both taught by our world-class faculty specializing in the social sciences and humanities, and with the added value of offering dual European and American degrees. Our BA programs are tailored for students who seek an international BA experience in small classroom settings, who appreciate having the choice to tailor their programs to meet their own interests, and who relish a challenging academic experience while living in one of Europe’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is inspired by the well-established degree created in Oxford over a hundred years ago, and offers rigorous training in all three disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics. Students will learn to think critically about different political and social structures in their politics courses; in philosophy, they will address fundamental questions about reality and our place in it; and in economics, they will learn about the principles that govern the production and allocation of resources.

Culture, Politics, and Society provides an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts curriculum updated for twenty-first century challenges. The program will provide an extensive education in the social sciences and humanities, leading to a fourth-year disciplinary major. Students will be equipped with vital twenty-first century skills, such as big data analysis and documentary production, for producing knowledge and communicating expertise in multi-media forms outside the classroom.